Equipment complex for drying based on a turbo-vortex dryer (TVD)

LLC "ZARYA" offers a technology that solves problems of processing and utilization of agricultural waste: chicken litter in cell and floor-based poultry farming, sunflower husk, beer bran, sunflower meal, etc.

The solution is based on a highly efficient, modern technology for drying and grinding in a turbo-vortex flow.

Drying technology

The drying technology is a process of drying and simultaneously grinding the material in a vortex chamber, where the interaction of the material with both each other and the flow of air occurs.

Composition of the equipment complex

  • The raw material (raw chips, sawdust, meal, husk, litter, etc.) is loaded into the receiving bunker (1).
  • The material is fed through a screw feeder (2) into the turbo-vortex dryer (TVD) (3).
  • The dried material is fed through a pneumatic transport (4) into the cyclone (5), where the process of separating the finished product occurs.
  • The finished product through the gate valve (9) is fed to the packaging line.

Description of the drying process

  • Air from the cyclone (5) is fed into the filter, where final cleaning takes place (6).
  • The high pressure fan (7) disposes of clean air after the filter into the atmosphere.
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